Louisiana Energy Conference


“The Louisiana Energy Conference is a one-of-a-kind event and a great opportunity to connect with all types of industry players, from E&Ps to Service companies to the financial firms that serve them.  The unique format allowed executives and presenters to relax, enjoy themselves, and speak their minds on wide ranging subjects.  Definitely not like other conferences, and definitely worth it.”                   

- CM Institutional Sales



“I thought the 2011 Louisiana Energy Conference was a great success.  The panel format encouraged more discussion on pertinent topics that face the oil and gas industry today.  I also thought that the additions of senior management members from privately held companies really gave that added perspective that is missed in the typical energy conferences that I attend.  Will definitely look to attend again next year.”                                               

- MM  Institutional Sales



"The panel discussion format in combination with the wide variety of participating companies resulted in a unique perspective for the investment community. The inclusion of privately held companies was a welcomed twist to the typical public company investor presentation conferences.  The ability for the audience to guide the dialogue through the interactive nature of the panel discussions was an enlightening format."                                       

- RM M&A Consultant


“I truly enjoyed your conference. I cannot remember the last time that a conference format captured my attention for the vast majority of each day. The topics were current, the speakers were candid, stuck to the script and were not self for filling. The combination of public and private companies was unique and kept it real.”                                                              

- AS  Buyside PM


“The Louisiana Energy Conference provided a unique opportunity for us to share our story as well as to gain valuable insight from numerous authorities within industry.  In contrast to the traditional conference format, LEC’s panels were far more engaging for both the participants and attendees.  As a private company, we appreciated the exposure and interest that this conference and format facilitated.”

                                                                                    - MM  Private Company


I liked the topic focused, single tract presentations.  The mixture of private and public company panels along with educational and regulatory topics made for a broad based conference experience.  I was impressed with the presentations and the discussion by smaller operations within big companies such as BP and Shell.  The conversation was more open/realistic with private companies being on the panels and the variety of attendees in the audience was great; I liked the ability to see a number of sell side analysts and salesmen.  I particularly enjoyed the single function with all attendees on Museum night.                                                                      

- NP Buyside Portfolio Manager



“From a private equity perspective I found it excellent.  You were successful in steering both the private and public companies away from their canned company presentations (that I can download from their websites)  and the format generated excellent dialog and debate about what is going on in the industry and what managers are losing sleep over.  I learned a lot, established some great new relationships and re-kindled some old ones.  I hope that you will continue to keep the conference small and keep the debate lively.”

- TP  Private Equity Provider

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