Louisiana Energy Conference


Below are the slides from the 2017 LEC Conference where the companies gave permission for them to be available online.


2017 LEC Panelist Slides ( PDF Format)


Adams Resources & Energy, Inc.
Burrow Global LLC
Chaparral Energy, Inc.
Clarion Offshore Partners, LLC
Delta SubSea LLC
EcoStim Energy Solutions, Inc
Energy Cap Research
Energy Recovery Inc.
Energy XXI Gulf Coast Inc.
EnVen Energy Corporation
EY - Greg - Matlock
EY - Ron Montalbano
Fairfield Nodal - Charles Davison
Fairfield Nodal - Joe Dryer
Gaffney Cline and Assoc.
Goodrich Petroleum Corporation
GulfSlope Energy, Inc.
Hornbeck Offshore Services, Inc.
Midstates Petroleum Company, Inc.
Northern Oil and Gas Inc.
PetroShare Corp. 
Profire Energy Inc.
Q'Max Solutions Inc. 
Rosehill Resources Inc.
Sandridge Energy, Inc.
Sidewinder Drilling LLC
Surge Energy America, LLC
Rose and Associates
Upstream Exploration LLC
Waldamer Nelson
White Knight
Witt O'Brien


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